The Zone is a breath of fresh air in Jewish spaces. Thought, designed and programmed with its users in mind.

A brilliant team of professionals investing their knowledge, passion and wish of creating in Leeds a welcoming environment where fun is infused with values, and clearly by the amount and diversity of participants it is reaching its goal.

As a platform for different Jewish organisations in Europe, it is always a guarantee to invite Raina from The Zone to present their achievements, which are always met with a mixture of surprise and the feeling of "Indeed, with passion and love it can be done"

Very fond of The Zone, Raina and her team.

Mariano Schlimovich
Executive Director - European Council of Jewish Communities & European Association of Jewish Community Center

The Zone delivers a fantastic environment for children and young people to develop socially, emotionally and educationally.

The Zone’s leadership deliver a ‘child centred’ approach to informal Jewish education, creating a space where a variety of Youth Movements and youth organisations are enabled to share their ideologically driven work.

The Zone is a home from home for the community, with its café offering a focal point for families and their children. The work has grown over the years, meeting the changing needs of children and young people, continuing to provide a safe and secure environment for Jewish young people.

Shelley Marsh
Executive Director - Reshet

The Zone is a unique youth centre that provides a friendly, buzzing and safe environment for young people of all ages. The Zone is a place that celebrates young people, Jewish culture and heritage, always valuing the youth and treating them with respect. Its warm atmosphere is felt as soon as you walk through the door, capturing a great feeling of well-being and optimism.

Through our own experiences in teaching, counselling, coaching and supporting in various communities around the world, we know what it takes to create a safe space for young people. The team at The Zone has achieved this and offers the perfect environment for nurturing, teaching, learning and leading. Apart from all of this, we often enjoy a tasty take away pizza or other treat from their delicious kosher café.

It’s a privilege for our community to have access to such a Centre, may it go from strength to strength.

Dayan Shalom & Rebbetzin Rikki Kupperman

The Zone’s Youth and Family Support Service is absolutely vital to the well being of children, students and parents alike in our community.

It offers support in many areas, complimenting and building on holistic development; mental, physical and academic.

Without the help and support from the excellent team at The Zone, I know many of our students and families would be struggling to cope with the stresses that life can throw at them.

Susy Hardacre
Executive Headteacher
LJFS & Brodetsky Primary School

The Zone is a Registered Charity No. 1125503
Company No. 6629551